Friday, 21 June 2019

Ask Sue Show - Dogs Shot By Police - RIP Buddy Austin Texas

Well I have just done a very upsetting story regarding the incident of a dog shooting in Austin Texas. Where a police officer shot Buddy. The dog belonging to Jevon Armagh.
The incident happened on the evening of Friday 14th June 2019.

Jevon Armagh did the first initial post on Facebook as follows.

Austin Police Department shot my dog in the face on 06/14/2019. 

The local emergency clinic was of no help either as they wanted thousand(s) of dollars upfront. He was stable but now he's laid to rest. To explain: My dog had escaped my fenced in backyard around 6:00pm somehow while I was in the bathroom. The cops got the call at 6:02pm, arrived at 6:08pm to find my dog laying on my front door's welcome mat, he was shot by 6:09pm. The police sergeant says "The gun was discharged after 23 seconds upon arrival." Help me stop cop on dog violence and raise awareness for pitbull owners across the country. Thanks for sharing this post or donating to this gofundme for a local pitbull charity called Love-A-Bull.

Or call and let APD know your thoughts!
Enrique Robledo (sergeant) 512-974-4479
Austin Police Department 512-974-5000

I'm still waiting for the press release, official report, and the body cam footage. Also, stay tuned for tv interviews and radio spots in the near future.

A press statement from Austin Texas Police 
The Austin Police Department is aware of a dog shooting incident that is circulating social media. We want to share the facts of how this call came in and emphasize that APD officers never want to be in a situation to hurt an animal.
On Friday, June 14, around 6:01 p.m., APD officers were dispatched to the 4800 block of E. Riverside Dr. after receiving calls about a large dog that was running loose in the area and preventing residents from going in or out of their condos. Two officers arrived on scene. The first officer went to grab a dog leash from the back of the car and the second officer canvassed the area, making contact with the initial complainant. The dog got up and ran aggressively towards the officer and complainant at a fast pace. The officer fired one round, incapacitating the dog. Witnesses were present and the officer apologized for having to shoot the dog, but felt he acted accordingly with what would keep the complainant and himself safe.
After a few minutes, the dog’s owners came outside and claimed their dog. Officers advised the owners of what had transpired. Animal Control was en route to assist the animal, and officers provided the owners with information to the closest animal hospital in case they wanted to personally transport the dog for treatment. Medical attention was sought by the owners, but the dog’s owner ultimately decided to put the dog down.
The officers chain of command reviewed the incident and found the officer acted within policy. While it is unfortunate this incident took place, the officer acted accordingly to protect himself and others around him.

Please listen to the show where we are joined by Jevon owner of Buddy, Buddys dog sitter and Kristin Hoffmann who has done alot of research on dogs being shot by police having had two of hers shot. She has helped many people get information and closure following incidents of other dogs.

 Any one wanting info from show etc please EMAIL Ask Sue  


I want to thank everyone for sharing and caring and thank all of my guests coming on the show.

RIP Buddy you will not die in vain - we will make sure your death teaches many and helps to save others.

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